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Product Description

Slim lightweight Table

As its name sounds Slim lightweight table are very light in weight and its sleek looks fits it any where you need .when there is less space and you want maximum presentation of your product or brand this is highly effective source of sale promotion.

These lightweight promotional tables are fantastic for marketing campaign on busy roads ,high traffic areas or in crowded trade show.

This multipurpose adjustable table can be used for display of samples, products and brochures.This can be used as reception desk in the advertising campaigns and is very efficient source for sale presentation .

Lightweight pop up counters are very light weight and easy to carry. Its frame is made of almunium and high quality fabric is wrapped around it with solid worktop.

Our Portable exhibition tables are highly versatile.These include carry bags.When your marketing campaign is over this can be easily folded down and pack up into the carry bag without any damage.

For various presentations these demonstrating tables are great source of advertising your product or brand. For enhancing your sale or promotion of product or brand these are not only impressive but very reasonable in price.

For any advertising campaign on road side or in trade show these portable tables create visual communication highly effective. The top of these counters has lot of space for keeping the sale products or other items. These tables are convenient in interacting  with the costumers or clients.

You can attend maximum marketing campaign to various locations with these affordable lightweight tables in a day.These are very easy to assemble, and can be assembled in 5 minutes without requiring any tool.When it is not in use you can store it in its bag without any damage.these are strong enough and work for years.

To grab the attention you can display your logo ,brand name or product name on the fabric wrapped around it. It comes in high resolution graphic design and printing for maximum impact of visual communication on the far sight crowd or a passer by.

These lightweight folding tables are perfect source for remote marketing campaigns or sale events which can present your product, brand or retail in a very powerful way.Its sleek looks requires little space and fits to any decoration.

We have wide range of these exhibition tables at very competitive price. We can get your logo or product designed by our professional team of designers and print on our wide format printing machines.

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