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Product Description

Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Outdoor vinyl banner is great tool for marketing your products, brand or services. This offers great visibility. These are best source to attract the customers and enhance your business.

These custom vinyl banners are best source for visual communication of your products or services. These are highly effective item to drag the customers to your business premise.

The Cost effective vinyl banners were popularly used as  shopfronts, but now a days their use is wide spread. These are very durable compared to fabric signs. The high quality of image and vibrant colors provide great visibility and draw the attention of the passerby in even heavy traffic areas. The most affordable outdoor vinyl banners are fantastic source to inform the people about any outdoor school events like sports event or school fete.

The super economical  vinyl banner is best to provide information about new registrations in schools, colleges or educational institutes. These are highly effective to inform about the start of new classes or courses like dance class, painting class, music class and any other extra activities in school or college.

These crowd seeker high quality quality  vinyl banners are best  promotional tool to attract the potential customers in trade fairs and other marketing events. These can be used for season sale, festival sale, church announcements. They attract the attention very fast. For opening of new shop, showroom, launch of new brand or product in market they create strong visual impact on the passerby.

Our superior quality rope banner is highly visible display tool to inform the customers about your products or services. These attract the attention of not only the passerby but  far crowd in heavy traffic areas. These are great advertising  tool to drag the customers for fast turnaround. For roadside marketing campaign this is excellent way  to provide the information  about your campaign and its drag the potential customers.

Most  popular and commonly used eyelet vinyl banner or signs are made of the vinyl film. Which is water resistant and UV resistant. With the high resolution graphics these vinyl banners or signs are printed on wide format  digital machines which make the banners or signs vibrant and attractive.

Very attractive budget friendly vinyl custom banner or signs are best tool to meet  any marketing or advertising strategy to boost the sales. These are highly effective in communicating your message to the customers.The vinyl material is very light weight and weatherproof , that is why these are mostly seen hanged at crowded areas.

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney offers wide range of vinyl banners. We have back Lit Banner, mesh banner, rope banner, school banner, events banner, birthday banner, real estate banner, sports banner, extra classes banner, custom banner for advertising, anniversary banner, Christmas banner, church banner, standard size banner and many more. You can upload your artwork or our expert team of designers can design and print on our wide digital printing machine. We give heavy discount on volume orders. We are fully licensed and insured to install the banners or signage anywhere in Sydney. We can send you one or more banner anywhere in Australia.

Price : $ 99

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