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Product Description

Medical Center Signage

Medical center signage requires great care and experience before design and installation. Mira Displays has long experience of medical center signage. Our high quality designs and print of graphics create strong identity of health centers. Only the design is not important for medical signage like those of retail stores but they should be visitor friendly and practical.

Health care is the place where the people from all arena of society come, it is very important that the signages at health facility center are easy read and comprehensible to one and all. Health care center signage are design to address the different requirements of visitors. whether it is a medical clinic, dental clinic, ENT clinic, pediatrician clinic or multifunctional health care center, the signages are not only for advertising your services but to make the accessibility of the visitors easy. When they enter the medical center they look for their destination to reach but how to go and where to go, the expertly designed health care signage guide them to their destination.

Health facility center require the different signages for different purpose to deliver information to the visitors. Doctors name signage, specialist or consultant signage, reception signage, patient waiting room signage, X-ray room signage, laboratory signage, ultrasound room signage, ward signage, stairways signages, lift signage, public toilets signage, canteen signage, parking area signage, emergency exit signage, emergency room signage, Chemist shop signage, statutory signages, services available signage, way finding signs and many more signs to inform the people about the facilities and locations of the health center.

We offer legible, practical  and functional signage with easy read fonts accurate used symbols and icons and most suitable colors. Well integrated signs make the working easy for the health center staff and easy access to visitors. We use different material for the medical center signs as per the requirement. We can help you guide or can create highly effective medical signs on our own. We are fully licensed and insured to install the signages.

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