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Snap Frames

Our high quality Snap frames are great addition to your marketing strategy, to display your posters, artworks, images, announcements and many other information about your business. These wall mounting snap frame is best to installed in hotel lobbies, Restaurants, cafes, offices and various other locations to display the posters and information. These create powerful visual impact on customers and drag them to your business area.

These are available in two different color, in white frames and in black frames. These are made of aluminum and are very light in weight. White snap frame is made of aluminum and has a white frame The highly versatile and durable snap frame is very economical and effective tool to grab the attention of potential customers. You can easily change the images or posters and no tool is require for that.

The black snap frame comes in black powder coating. They have clips on the back side to change the poster or images and hanging rails for easy installation on wall. We can provide you snap frame in different sizes. We have A0, A1, A2 and A3 according to your business need.

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney offers these best quality snap frames for effective advertising and establishing your brand. We can send them to Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth and anywhere in Australia. We give discounted price on volume orders.

White Snap Frames

White Snap Frames

Price $ Contact us- (02) 9804 1475

black snap frames

Black Snap Frames

Price $ contact us - (02) 9804 1475