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X banner stand is highly effective and economical item to display your graphics that is why it has become the most popular display product to deliver your business message. These are very light weight and easy to transport. They are very flexible and can be easily assembled or disassembled.

The great feature of these X banners are the easy change of graphics or posters. You can display different graphics at different times with the same X poster stand. The structure of X banner stand is made of aluminum sticks and the graphics are attached with eyelets that are attached to the sticks. It takes hardly one minute to change the graphics or images.

If you are going to open a new store then the banner with "opening soon" message along with your brand name can aware the customers with your brand. On opening day just change the banner with bold graphics and your business message, this will deliver your business message to the potential customers and drag them to your store. This will create a strong identity of your brand and make your customers repeat.

Our portable X signs holders are highly versatile and cost effective item to promote your products and services. The use of X banner is wide as well as their range. Before picking the X banner stand decide which size will suit your advertising campaign and your budget. If you are going to attend trade show, outdoor events, conferences, seminars, road side campaign, free health check up camps, fund raiser camp or indoor exhibitions, these are very easy to carry in the carry bag provided with it.

You can place them inside your exhibition booth to display your brand. They grab the attention of passerby or far crowd. At retail stores these can be placed inside or outside to attract the customers. In morning when you open your store place them outside and at closing time keep them inside without getting harm to the stand or graphics.

These are sturdy and durable. They are best suitable for those who attend marketing event less frequently. These can be easily fold up and pack in the carry bag till your next use and are totally safe. The banner or graphics in vibrant colors create powerful visual impact on the minds of passerby and far traffic turning them to your potential customers.

Mira Displays, Sydney is leading manufacturer of X banner stands. We can design your banner or posters in stunning designs or you can give us your own artwork. We print on wide digital printing press to give you high resolution graphics in vibrant colors. We can give high discount on volume orders and send the X banner anywhere in Australia.