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Product Description

Brochure Holder Rack

Features of Brochure Holder

  • Brochure Holder 6 tiers of A4 size
  • Brochure holder stand easy to transport
  • Zig-zag brochure holder rack best for visual communication
  • Standing literature display rack drag the attention of customers
  • Brochure Holders can be place inside

Price -  $ 178.00

Brochure holder rack is an excellent way to showcase your literature, leaflets, flyers, magazines, pamphlets and brochures for trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, grand opening day, free medical camps, charity camps and many other business require to deliver their business information about their products and services. Literature display stand is unique item to deliver your business message. It attracts the attention of the visitors and drag them to your business premise.

Our budget friendly custom brochure holders can be placed inside the retail store, showrooms, offices , lobbies or at the entrance of exhibition booths, restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, salons, real estates, waiting area in nursing home or doctors' clinic and educational institutes to provide the detailed information of your business or services. Brochure Holder is also use to keep the magazines at waiting areas so that the visitors pick the magazine and keep them busy.

The passerby or far crowd get notice of your business by standing literature display rack and walk up to your business area to collect the information. They come and take the pamphlets or brochures. This creates great visual impact on customer and deliver your business details to them for which you may need a large staff.

Economical zig-zag brochure holder rack is fantastic item for visual communication and it creates a strong identity of your brand. This is very light weight. Its aluminum structure provides it stability and prevents from break down. It is sturdy, durable and strong enough to bear the weight of pamphlets and magazines. These are very easy to assembled and disassembled and no tool is require for that. It takes one minute to assemble the brochure holder.

Mira Portable brochure display stand is very easy to transport. You can attend one or more marketing events in a day. You can fold it when your advertising campaign is over and pack it in its carry bag provided with it.

Our brochure holder stand is available in 6 tiers of A4 size. It provides quality presentation of your promotional material. Mira Displays has large range of high quality brochure holder racks. We can send them to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold-coast, Brisbane, Canberra and anywhere in Australia. You can buy one or more as we have large stock and we give discounted price on volume orders.

Price : $ 178.00

Weight : 10.00 KGS

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