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About Us

Promote your Business with Mira Displays


Mira Displays is a Sydney based company providing Quality Display Systems with combined Design Work and Printing.

We strive for excellence in our service to provide high quality Display banner Systems , and to continue the standards and satisfaction that we give to our clients. We help to effectively achieve marketing strategies, by moulding our client’s ideas and their needs with our Creations and selection of Display Systems. We work thoroughly throughout the whole process to ensure all facets from the design artwork, materials, display systems, transportation, setup and assembly, the time-frame and duration, from beginning to end are met with complete satisfaction.

We believe that great service combined with wide variety of products at affordable price equates to a successful business.

Our Aim is to provide Display System

To Expose and Identify – We design and create something different from others to expose and identify your business. we pride ourselves in understanding our costumers needs to identify their business and products.

Communicate and Inform- Our expert team constantly work on the innovative ideas to meet the high expectations of retail owners and business entrepreneurs, to communicate and inform the people about their business for instant success.

High Quality High Definition Imaging –We have wide range of products but we never compromise for quality. we provide high quality and high definition imaging to visualize and sensitize your ideas for which our competitors may charge more than us.

Economical –Without any compromise in quality Mira Displays help you to choose the product and design suitable to your requirement at very economical price.Our all display resources for trade show or to meet any marketing strategies, are budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Easy to Assemble –Our all display products- A frame, banner, X banner, menu stand, roll up stand, led light box, glass graphics, wall graphics, mesh banner, promotional counter, promotional table,snap frame, backlit banner, media backdrops,metal base sidewalk signs, table and chair throw- cover and exhibition sets are packed in light weight box, which is very easy to carry and assemble. You don’t need to worry how many trade shows, marketing events , conferences or seminars you attend.

Durable – Designing and material of our display products is of high standard . For years products can be used with the effect of new.

Versatility – Our all promotional product can be used for any promotional event, you can use them inside or outside and in any environment.

We also aim to open the door to other industries that are out of reach with printing and design, where we can make changes to promote effective marketing strategies to those industries through our quality design print-work. Also to cater to small to medium size businesses, to be able to spend for effective marketing and advertising with low overheads at quality standards yet at an affordable price. We combine design-work and printing to save our customers  money from spending extensively in design work.