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A frame

  A Frames

In busy markets shop signs are not visible from distance, which makes your store or showroom un-noticed. A frame signs are the most economical and effective item to get brand noticed by potential customers. These are light weight and highly versatile. These can be used for both outdoor or indoor marketing.

Every day in morning you can keep these sidewalk signs outside your retail store to attract the attention of the passerby and far crowd. In busy markets when the customers look for varieties of the items  these A Boards work as a silent informer.They grab the attention of the customer and invite to you retail store. In evening at closing time of your store you can keep it inside without any harm as this is very light in weight and take little space.

Sandwich boards are durable and work for years. The high resolution graphics printed with inkjet ink in vibrant colors are eye catching and create powerful visual impact on customers. Once placed outside or inside of your retail store A Frame Board drags the customers to your business premise.

The double sided graphics on these A frames provide multi direction visibility in one time and makes it all rounder  advertising tool. As it catches the attention of customers coming from both sides and lures them to your store.

Pavement signs are excellent way of marketing for any kind of business whether big or small. Restaurants, cafes, boutiques, salons, chemist shops, automotive repair shops, real estates, convenience stores, at trade fairs and exhibition booths they work like way finding signage and guide your customers to visit your store.

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney has wide range of A frames. You can select from our large range or we can guide you according to your business requirement. Our Insert A frame is suitable for those who has to give different information at different times as you can change the graphics accordingly. You change the graphics without any tool. Sidewalk A frame signs is  fix metal face board. The graphics are printed on the metal board in bright colors. Metal A frame signs is our next product of A frames category this  metal a board is made of aluminum. The laminated graphics or media artwork is fix on both side of the board. The high resolution graphics keep your A board bright and highly visible. Snap A Frame is very light weight and versatile. You can change the graphics. Two laminated graphics or media artwork are provided with these boards. Metal A board is best for those who want to write the information by themselves. Our Blackboards and Whiteboards are best suitable for churches, cafes or restaurants. You can write with the chalk on these blackboards and deliver your message to the suitable people.

We are the leading manufacturer of a frames and can  provide these anywhere in Australia.