Effective tips to use wall graphics for marketing

Wall Graphics is an unique way to use your commercial or residential wall space for promotion of your brand. It  gives a professional look to your business area and promote your brand.

Custom wall Graphics is an effective marketing tool. These are widely used to decorate walls at restaurants, hotels, real estates,  reception areas at offices, cafes, bars, salons, gyms, kids rooms, bedroom and many other locations. We use both removable and permanent wall graphics. We can cover full wall or can use smaller decals. It gives a live environmental effect to walls bringing them to life.

We use two type of materials for wall graphics. The vinyl removable stickers and removable wall paper. The vinyl lettering and vinyl decals are all made of vinyl material. We use wall paper printed on high resolution to rejuvenate your walls. The adhesive we use for these stickers or wall papers do no harm to the paint of your walls.

You can provide us your photographs or graphics. We can create murals from photos. Our expert team can create stunning designs for you. The designs can be decorative illustrations, geometrical shape or environmental designs. Our Budget friendly wall graphics are durable and non-faded look. These can give a new look to the wall of your commercial or residential area. These can rejuvenate the whole atmosphere of your retail store or office.

Contour cut (die-cut) wall graphics is available with us. These are available in any shape or size. Here are some important tips to use wall graphics for marketing.

 1. We can install wall graphics with your Company logo and brand name at the reception area to create a strong identity in the minds of the visitors.

 2. At the trade shows, exhibitions, or events wall graphics with your products or services can be installed on the walls of exhibition booth to stand out from the crowd.

 3. At hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes wall graphics may change the mood of your customers and make them repeat.

4. The real estate’s or architects can get their projects printed on the wall papers  to attract the attention of the customers. Once applied on the wall they give a real view of the location.

Mira Displays is the leading manufacturer of the wall graphics. We can install them. We can send the Cheap and best printed wall paper anywhere in Australia. Our economical and high quality wall decals provides a strong visual presence of your company or brand and deliver your marketing message in a strong way.


Important tips to use banner for advertising.

To establish marketing campaign on large and impressive scale, Banner is the most economical and effective promotional item. This is most popular source to inform the people about sale events, festival sales, special offers, discount offers, opening a new shop or showroom, launch of new product or services and many other offers. These are cheap and effective marketing product. These are easy to install and transport. Advertising Banners are highly versatile and lightweight. You can carry them for outdoor advertising.

The visibility from far make the banner best advertising tool. The Budget friendly banner with a brand name or products grabs the attention of passerby and far traffic. There are many effective ways to use the promotional banner.

Special events or conferences :

When you are going to organize an event either it is a sports event, educational event, dance or music concert, festival event, social event, seminar or conference, it become difficult to inform the people in bulk with leaflets or pamphlets. An affordable event banner with all important information about the events creates a strong visual communication. You can hang the banner near the parks, banks, offices, outside the shopping complex or malls, schools, colleges and event venue to attract the attention of passerby. For University and educational institutes this is the highly effective way to inform the students about new admissions and new courses. The budget friendly School Banner with admission starting date and last date, hanged at the school building or near the school gate deliver the message to the visitors and every passerby. For sports events and annual function custom event banner hanged at or near the school building deliver the message in a strong and powerful way.

Opening or launching new Products or services.

If you are going to open new shop or showroom, an advertising banner with your brand name and “opening soon” message inform the people and leave memorable impression on their minds. X banner is best item for indoor and outdoor marketing. You can hang these banner at crowded marketing area, parking area and in front of your shop. On the opening day a banner with “opened” message in vibrant colors drag the customers to your business area. To inform about new launch of product or services vinyl banner works like a silent sales man.

Exhibitions or Trade Shows

To invite the potential customers to your exhibition booth at trade fairs or trade shows it is necessary to inform the visitors about your brand. To stand out the competition advertising banner with a brief description of your product or services, contact details and booth directions may help you to approach the potential customers and boost your sale. You can keep the Affordable X banner inside the exhibition to inform the customer about your main products.

Birthday and Anniversary

To make your birthday colorful and special, our birthday banner is fantastic item. We design and print wonderful birthday banners in vibrant colors you can give us your photographs, we print them on high resolution without getting your photographs blurred. They give an impression of original photographs. Our beautifully designed birthday banner creates unforgettable impression on the minds of friends or relatives. You can hang them outside or inside the party venue or can attach with the wall of your party hall.

Mira Displays is the leading manufacturer and supplier of banners. We create stunning designs to make your banner impressive and effective. We provide the facility of banner printing as we have wide digital printing press for high resolution prints. We can send the banner anywhere in Australia. You can upload your own artwork or our skilled staff can do this for you.


Brochure Holder

Brochure holder is an effective way to showcase your literature’s and brochures. On opening day sale offers, launching new products and at trade shows or exhibition to display pamphlets, leaflets, brochures or flyers brochure holder is an excellent item. This is available in 6 tier in A4 size. This is durable, sturdy and strong enough to carry the weight of your literature’s and brochures. The collapsible zig-zag structure is made of aluminum. Literature holders are versatile and very light weight. You can easily carry it for any outdoor marketing.

These can be folded and packed safely into the bag provided with it. You can attend one or more marketing events in a day without  getting any harm to  the brochure rack. This can be assembled in minute and no tool is require for that. Brochure holder can be placed inside the office, waiting area in doctor’s clinic, reception area at school or offices to keep magazine and literature. They display the literature or information and keep your client busy till you entertain them. At school magazines and  gadgets can be displayed to inform the parents and visitors about annually and monthly performances and indoor or outdoor activities organized by school.

At exhibition booth or trade show booth you can place zig-zag literature holder in the corner or at entrance to display your pamphlets, brochures or literature to provide detailed information about your business when you are busy.  They grab the attention of passerby and far crowd who pick the brochure or literature easily.

During the sale season when all the sales man are busy inside the store the  Budget friendly brochure holders display all your sale discount holding your discount pamphlets. Place the brochure holder at the entrance of the retail store or showroom to display your pamphlets and flyers with detailed information of discounts on particular items for easy and fast sale of your product.

Mira Displays is leading supplier of brochure holder. We can send them anywhere in Australia. We give discounted price on volume orders. You just write an email or call us on phone, our friendly staff will contact you back.