Media Backdrops

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney offers a Powerful solution to market your products and services with our Media Backdrops which is very cost effective and create instant impact on the customers. For Conference, Seminars,  Social Events, School Sports Events, Trade shows, Exhibitions and in Malls these are highly result oriented display products.

Step and Repeat Backdrops are very light weight and highly versatile. These are very easy to assemble you can fold and pack up in the carry bag which is provided with it. You can carry it easily. The poles are made of metal and the graphics are designed and printed on the polyester fabric. The heavy metal base prevents it from bend or break away. The fabric is seamless, tear-resistant and does not get shrink, making the backdrops durable and long-lasting.

The high resolution graphics in vibrant colors of these hook and loop backdrops  are great way to communicate your message to the people. You can display the logos and names of your sponsors or your own brand or product. These are visible to far crowd and instantly deliver your message.

These media wall are budget friendly and perfect item for visual communication of your products and services. These are very easy to assemble. It takes hardly 5 minutes and requires no tool. You can attach the banner with the poles provided with it. You can change the banners for different advertising campaigns.

We have wide range of these event backdrops to meet any marketing strategy. These are high quality and affordable display products to market your brand or products. You can upload your artwork or can contact our team of professional designers. We print on wide digital printing machines. We can courier them to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney Australia.

We give additional discount on volume orders.


Acrylic Slim Lightbox

The low cost Acrylic slim light boxes are highly effective tool for indoor marketing. You can add any image, signs, poster or any printed information to these ultra thin light boxes to promote your business .

The high quality Acrylic led light boxes are fantastic to display products or services. You can use them in retail stores, showrooms, doctors clinic, offices, bars, restaurants, cafes and saloons. These budget friendly acrylic slim light boxes not only enhance the decoration of your business premise but also boost your business.

Our best quality and cost effective Acrylic slim poster holder light box is great way to promote your business. These attract the potential customers and drag them to your business premise

You can use these Acrylic slim Led light box displays to inform the customers about the upcoming events, ongoing specials and other exciting offers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and anywhere in Australia .

These are made of acrylic and LED lights are used to lit its edges. You can easily change the image, poster or signs without requiring any tool or expert person. There are four screws which holds the two panels .

Our affordable  acrylic slim light boxes are best to meet any indoor advertising strategy. We have various size of these ultra slim light box sign holder. These are available in A0,A1,A2,A3 and A4 size. These are 9mm thick and you can easily mount them on wall to display your products or information. There are four standoffs with them for wall mounting. You can mount them on wall at any height or surface.

Our budget friendly advertising acrylic slim LED light boxes includes 12v power chord which is 2110mm long. Our team of professionals design the high resolution graphics and print on digital wide format printing machine. Once you order, we can provide you anywhere in Australia.

Led Lightbox

Led Lightbox

To display and highlight your products and services LED light box are most effective tools. These are highly effective solution for indoor display of your products and services, with high resolution graphics in vibrant colors these illuminated displays signs attract the attention of customers.

Our economical and high quality led light boxes are very useful for restaurants to showcase menu, in cafes, hotels, pubs, clubs, shopping malls, showrooms and architecture. these are best tools for making your product or services stand out from the rest.

Customized LED light box used in these light boxes are very durable and consume less power than traditional lights. It provides bright and uniform light inside the light boxes. These are highly effective source for indoor display of your art work, products or services. These are valuable tool for any indoor advertising campaign.

These high quality budget friendly LED illuminated light boxes are made of Aluminum & printed on translucent white material. These are elegant and streamlined item to boost profile and attract the attention of potential customers.

Super economical and easy to use LED light boxes are versatile and are very easy to transport. These can be assembled easily. The hidden hinges allow to change the graphic or signs easy and you can change the posters or signs without any tool or expert person. The magnetic locks in the backside provide security to the images and these locks can be opened with vacuums. These are fantastic item to display your architectural work , cinemas and other artworks.

Our user and budget–friendly poster display LED light boxes are great addition to your marketing campaign in trade fairs. The illuminated graphics in these light boxes attract the attention of the customers for fast turnaround. These are best tool for any marketing strategy for visual communication .

We have large variety of Led light boxes. These are available in A0, A1, A2, A3 sizes to meet the requirement of your advertising strategy. We have highly creative and professional designer to design your graphics. We print these posters and signs on our digital printing machine, to provide whole services under one roof, which saves your time and money both.


Vehicle Graphics and Signage

Vehicle Graphics and Signage is an excellent way of marketing your new launch business or existing business. Turn your delivery vans, trucks, buses, boats and cars to  moving display boards. Give your business a great exposure with vehicle signage. Whether you are running a small business or big entrepreneur, this mobile billboard can promote your products and services. You can inform the customers about your business website, just ask us to make it for you.

This is great way to grab the attention of the customers, those who are not nearby your business premise. Moving around the city in your vehicle, turns it into a mobile advertising machine. It attracts the attention of customers in all conditions, whether you are stuck in traffic, driving on the highway, moving in the suburb lanes, in car parking or at red lights.

Day or night car signage is highly effective way of promoting your business. You can inform the customers about your upcoming business events, sale events, launch of new products or services or special offers.  We can wrap your whole car for a strong visualization of your brand. But if you want to get your car half wrap for loud and clear impact of your brand that is also very economical way of marketing your brand. Those who want to spend less but are interested in the promotion of their business can get the contact details and Website address of their business.

You can give your boat a beautiful look with our boat graphics and signage. This help you to establish your brand and give a colorful look to your boat in dull waters and drags the customers. We can decorate any kind of boat whether a dingy or ship.

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney provides vehicle graphics and signage service at very cost effective price. You can get your logo, products or services on your personal car or on the commercial vehicle like vans, trucks and many others . The vibrant colors that lasts for long create  great impact on customers.

backlit banner

BackLit Banner

Backlit Banner is extremely useful for shop fronts, cafes, convenience stores, hostels, hotels, restaurants, or retail stores. These are amazing to drag the attention of the customers.

Our high quality illuminated display signs are extremely effective solution for outdoor or indoor advertising campaign to communicate your visual message. These are made of backlit material. These can be fit to any light boxes or simple. These are perfect source to display your business name or services at night.the transluscent material used in these banners or signs allows light to pass through from the backside of signs or banners, which makes the images or messages come to life at night.

The visibility of these affordable backlit signs is fantastic,these help to inform every passerby about your brand, product ,services or about any sale campaign.These are highly effective and cost effective display product to meet your business or marketing plan.

If you want to highlight your brand ,product ,retail store ,restaurant or services ,you can place these cheap and best quality backlit banners on roof tops. On the roadside advertisement these glowing backlit signs are perfect to attract the attention. These can be used for big hoardings for ultimate result.

These  are low cost way to tell advertise your business. The images and message are lit from behind which gives it more color depth and draw attention of the roadway people. These also features to illuminate in different patterns.

We have large variety of these Customized  budget friendly backlit display signs . Different types of lights can be used to illuminate these signs .We have expert team of designers to design according your taste and business needs


Mesh Banner

Mesh banner is a lightweight alternative to standard vinyl PVC banners. They are  most effective for outdoor advertising. Customers normally choose mesh banners instead of standard PVC for windy area’s outdoors.

The standard banner material can ripple in the wind and if not secured well it can blow away  in a strong gust. A standard vinyl banner can act like a sail on a boat in the wind so you need to choose the correct banner printing process.

Best quality Mesh Banner has small holes all over, just  like a fishing net except it has more solid area’s to show the printed image. Because budget friendly Mesh banners allow the wind to pass through them, they are ideal when placed, outdoors or high up above ground level and also as banner fencing at events or building wraps attached to scaffolding.

Our Affordable mesh banners are very durable and resistant to UV light (the sun) and other weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Mesh Banner Fence

Customized Mesh banners can be printed in single or full color. Most customers opt for full color to make the most impact in their advertising space. They can be printed digitally or screen printed depending on the quantity required and if the design changes for different versions. As such we can provide any quantity of mesh banners you require, from 1 to 1000 or more. When produced digitally they can be printed at different resolutions depending on the viewing distance. Printing at a lower resolution (360dpi) is a faster process in using less ink and the most cost effective. 720dpi or higher resolutions has a greater impact with higher visual effects. However if you viewed two banners (one at high resolution and one at low resolution) from 10m away or further you would most likely not be able to tell the difference.

Our Low cost durable mesh banners are finished with double welded hems and eyelets (or pole inserts) as standard to guarantee you a mesh banner with a long life! Be warned, some suppliers for mesh banners often use thinner grade or cheaper grade material and are not finished to the high standards we insist upon.

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney is Australia’s leading manufacturer of  mesh banner. We can provide the banners in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and all over Australia.

For a CUSTOM SIZE MESH BANNER QUOTE please fill out our form at CONTACT US, and we will promptly answer your query.


Table Chair throw/Cover

Quick and Easy set up, with carry case. Assembling – very simple, within 5 minutes, and no tools required. Quality PVC material, Velcro attachment, and High Resolution Digital Graphic Printing.

The table and chair throw seems small thing in appearance but this is great in capturing the attention for any outdoor or indoor events, sports day, in schools,in restaurants ,medical seminars ,conferences ,job fairs ,opening day of shop or store or launching of new product

Addition of our high quality table and chair covers to your promotional campaign is an effective source of displaying your brand or product. These not only looks great but delivers your message directly to the customers and gathering. Its great visibility guides the customers about their requirement.

Custom table and chair covers are made from high quality polyester fabric and can be washed in machine.The fabric are flame retardant . These are durable and can be reused.Its vibrant look always provide a high display quality ,when used in next event. It comes in vibrant colors.

Sometimes worn out or battered tables need covering and the plain cloth covering does not look nice. The fine quality table and chair drapes ensure you for fabulous and polished look. When the tables are covered all around, it gives you space for storage. You can store your extra or unused items underneath which is not visible from outside.

On the sports events in school or outside the school campus the table and chair runners are very effective for delivering the message and provide ample  information to the people about the event .

The printed table and chair fitted covers are custom design and grab the attention of the visitors. You not only use them but also advertise your brand for free.These are easy to handle and carry.

We have variety of table top presentation.You can use it for different advertising campaign or events. We provide these at very competitive and affordable price.

Slim lightweight table

Slim lightweight Table

As its name sounds Slim lightweight table are very light in weight and its sleek looks fits it any where you need .when there is less space and you want maximum presentation of your product or brand this is highly effective source of sale promotion.

These lightweight promotional tables are fantastic for marketing campaign on busy roads ,high traffic areas or in crowded trade show.

This multipurpose adjustable table can be used for display of samples, products and brochures.This can be used as reception desk in the advertising campaigns and is very efficient source for sale presentation .

Lightweight pop up counters are very light weight and easy to carry. Its frame is made of almunium and high quality fabric is wrapped around it with solid worktop.

Our Portable exhibition tables are highly versatile.These include carry bags.When your marketing campaign is over this can be easily folded down and pack up into the carry bag without any damage.

For various presentations these demonstrating tables are great source of advertising your product or brand. For enhancing your sale or promotion of product or brand these are not only impressive but very reasonable in price.

For any advertising campaign on road side or in trade show these portable tables create visual communication highly effective. The top of these counters has lot of space for keeping the sale products or other items. These tables are convenient in interacting  with the costumers or clients.

You can attend maximum marketing campaign to various locations with these affordable lightweight tables in a day.These are very easy to assemble, and can be assembled in 5 minutes without requiring any tool.When it is not in use you can store it in its bag without any damage.these are strong enough and work for years.

To grab the attention you can display your logo ,brand name or product name on the fabric wrapped around it. It comes in high resolution graphic design and printing for maximum impact of visual communication on the far sight crowd or a passer by.

These lightweight folding tables are perfect source for remote marketing campaigns or sale events which can present your product, brand or retail in a very powerful way.Its sleek looks requires little space and fits to any decoration.

We have wide range of these exhibition tables at very competitive price. We can get your logo or product designed by our professional team of designers and print on our wide format printing machines.

promotional counter

Promotional Counter

Features of product

  • Wood grain top or black top
  • easy to assemble
  • Best for outdoor marketing
  • Light weight
  • Made of aluminium
  • Padded carry bag for easy transport
Weight: 9kg

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney offers vast range of Promotional Counters for outdoor marketing of your products or services at very competitive price. Our high quality promotional counter is an excellent item to promote your business. If you are planning to attend trade fair or road side exhibitions, pick our display counters to give your marketing campaign a professional look .

POP up counters are very light in weight . These are very easy to assemble. It takes 4-5 minutes to assemble them.No tools are required to assemble the light weight promotional counter. We provide the graphic media print from your uploaded file or we can design for you. All these are inclusive of price. This light weight promotional counter is made of metal. The metal frame bars are anodized aluminium alloy and steel,which are connected by magnetic joint panels.

The artwork when wrapped around the counter frame,  is secured by magnetic stripping which attaches onto these joint panels. On the backing of the artwork, there are 4 strips along the borderline sides. You have the option to completely cover the light weight promotional table or to have it partially covered, leaving the back open. For completely covered counters, you can still open the back to store items inside by detaching the magnetic strip on the side of the artwork from the magnetic joint panels to open and then reattaching to close.

These highly versatile and high quality podiums are economical and budget friendly .You can use them to display your products and your graphics applied to the sides of the promotional counter that is visible from far to attract the attention of the customers. When your advertising campaign is over, fold these counters and pack in the carry case provided with it .

These portable promotional counters meet any outdoor advertising strategy. You can use them for different marketing campaigns. These are durable ,store them when not in use in carry case without worrying about any harm.

Our expert team of designers can design in professional way or you can upload your own artwork .We can print your graphics on our wide digital printing press. The high resolution graphics around the sale counter grab the attention of the potential customers to make your marketing campaign successful .

Mira Displays is the best suppliers of promotional counters in Sydney. We can send these customized promotional counters to Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane and anywhere in Australia . Write a mail or simply call us, our expert team will contact you.


Wall Graphics

Features of Wall Graphics

  • Full Colour printing
  • High Resolution Digital Printing
  • Create murals from photos
  • Bulk discounts for large orders
  • Installation service available
  • Wall graphics for marketing

Contour cut (die-cut) wall graphics also available.

Bring a wall to life with graphic images from your photographs or artwork. These wall graphics (full wall coverings, or smaller decals) can be digitally printed from your high resolution images or vector files. Our wall graphic materials will not harm your paint and are easily removed when you no longer want them on the wall. A wall mural can have a positive uplifting effect of any room or work environment, transforming the most basic architectural element into a rich visual experience as expansive as the imagination of the designer or business concept. Turn any wall into one continuous mural with our removable wall graphics.

Our Wide Format Facilities caters to Digital printing for large format environmental graphics that can be applied to any flat surface. They are commonly used on internal or external walls to display promotional content or decorative illustrations and geometrical shapes. Custom-made digital prints help create a distinctive atmosphere that influences a customer’s mood and behavior in commercial spaces.

At MIRA we manufacture custom Wall Murals, Photo Walls, Wallpaper Printing , Vinyl Wall Decals, Canvas Prints and more. Our custom Wall graphics will create a unique feature wall for your shop, office or home space.


Promotional Table

Promotional Table (MPT001)

Features of Promotional Table:- 

  • Black plastic base
  • Portable unit
  • Black carpet wrap
  • Lockable doors at rear
  • Padded carry bag
Price : $ 999.00
Weight : 37 KGS

Wrap Size

  • L1095mm x W675mm x H1000mm

The Mira Promotional Table is ideal for field marketing whether you are going to attend the trade shows, exhibitions or road side marketing campaign, our budget friendly promotional table allows you to display your products and brand name. It creates a strong visual impact on the visitors.

Addition of these economical display tables to your marketing campaign put your company display in a professional manner. These are very light weight and highly versatile. Little space is required to place the table. You can keep it the entrance of the exhibition booth and use it as reception counter.

Promotional Demonstration Table has black plastic base. It comes in black carpet wrap. The fabric wrap around the table allows you to display your brand name and logo. It attracts the attention of the passerby and deliver your marketing messages.

The shelves at the back side of customized display table provide space to keep your extra items and you do not need to worry about losing your items as the shelves have lockable doors. It is very light weight and easy to transport.

Portable display promotional table is highly versatile. It is very easy to assemble. It takes 5 minutes to assemble the table and it does not require any tool or expert person. When your advertising campaign is over you can fold and pack with convenience in the padded carry bag provided with it, without getting any harm to the table. These are very sturdy and durable. You can attend more than one marketing campaign in a day and can target your market.

To achieve your marketing goal our budget friendly exhibition promotional table is great way to attract the attention of the customers. You can display your products, brochures and literature on the top of the table and create a strong identity of your brand name printed on the fabric wrapped around the table.

Mira Displays at Sydney is the leading supplier of promotional table. We can design and print your logo and brand name or you can upload your photographs or graphics. We provide you the graphics inclusive of the table price. We can send the Display Table anywhere in Australia. We offer discounted price on volume orders keeping in mind the quality of the product and valuable time of our clients.


Convex Promotional Counter

Mira convex promotional counter are sturdy with stylish convex shape and easy to carry. These are fully portable with a carry case . you can attend many marketing events, advertising campaign, or trade shows in a day without any hustle – bustle.

Even for sale promotion of any brand or retail these fine quality convex promotional counters are extremely versatile and can be branded with your style and logo. These high quality convex promotional Counter comes with high resolution graphic design and printing.

Our best quality tension fabric counters can be used on road side for any product promotion. These are very easy to assemble . These can be assembled in 5 minutes without requiring any tool.

The poles of these podiums are made of Aluminum and Printed on high quality PET/PVC and are very light weight. The fabric used is wrinkle free and washable. You can interchange the fabrics according to requirement.

These trade show counters are very useful to promote the sale or products at trade shows, any promotional event, shopping centers ,sports events or conventions. Display counters can be used as a data collection center for any marketing event or as a reception table. These include rigid header and shelf to keep the extra things.

These budget friendly demonstration podiums are versatile and are fantastic when used as sampling table or sales desk for the exhibition of any sample, brochure or product .

You can attract attention of customers with these exhibition tables by visually displaying fine quality images of your product and brand on all three sides to create the positive impact and awareness.

When your marketing campaign or trade show is over these pop up tables can be fold down into the carry bag supplied with this promotional table and can be stored away until your next trade show or season sale.

Addition of our exhibition counters to your marketing event or trade shows is the best solution for giving the specific information about your brand, product or retail .

We have wide variety of convex promotional counters and tables. These are available in various sizes. Our display tables can be used for years. As available at very competitive price you can boost your sale or business with these portable counters.

Mira Displays at Sydney, is the best supplier of Tension Fabric Counter. We can send them to Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra and anywhere in Australia.

promotional-counter stand

Promotional Counter Stand

Features of Promotional Counter Stand:-

  • Comes with padded carry bag
  • It comes in plastic
  • Header to display poster
  • Back side selves
Price : $ 375.00

The MIRA Promotional Counter Stand  is ideal for field marketing. It provides an excellent way to showcase your brand or products.

Our display counter stand are easy to carry and are easy to set up .These are perfectly suited for marketing campaign in high traffic areas, busy trade shows or any sale event .

All our Promotional Counter are versatile. These are very easy to pack up in the carry bag,  supplied with it .

For launching the new product or brand these are excellent solution for creating the awareness among the people .

Our Cheap and best high quality portable counter stand are light weight .These stand are made of PVC material and graphic is printed on PET/PVC material. Its vacuum formed PVC components lock together to form a strong and rigid table.

These high quality pop up display stands are easy to assemble .It takes 5 minutes to assemble and no tool is required .

Portable Display Stands are perfect solution for visual communication of your brand, product or retail. These are best for any advertising event. Its attracting and eye catching features are fantastic and powerful source of promotion at any trade show or even for road side marketing.

Exhibition Counter Stand comprises big advertising area . The front and side areas of the counter stand can be used for showcasing your brand or product with a high resolution graphic design and printing as well as on its header which is visible from far.

The Portable Counter Stand ensures powerful and effective presentation of your brand or retail. These affordable and high quality promotional counter stand are highly effective solution for supermarkets and shopping centers.

Our Budget Friendly Promo Counter Stand can be used for indoor and outdoor marketing campaign. Its backside self can be used for storing goods. We have wide range of display counters at very competitive price . These counters are strong enough after the use in sale promotion, you can fold it and pack up until your next trade show or sale campaign.


Shopping Center Displays

Our Portable Shopping Center Display Systems are tailored to suit any shopping center sites, for any casual lease sites, retail promotion or Point of Sale display units. Our display systems include our Portable Counters, Roll Up Banners, literature stands and more. All our systems meet specifications to suit West field Shopping Center, Stock land Shopping Centers and many more.

We offer you a full service from concept design to providing the print service of your artwork onto display systems with an easy step by step installation guide. Please note that for any concept design work required this will be additional to the set price, as it requires more time and work in the design process and further collaboration with our Design team to create the desired concept and theme to the artwork.

The Exhibition Set:

  • 1x Heavy Duty Pop Stand (1500 mm Height)
  • 1x Promotional Table
  • 1x Premium Roll Up Banners (1500 mm Height)
  • 1x Brochure Holder
  • Up to 720 dpi high quality graphic included


pop up wall

Pop up Wall

The MIRA Pop Up wall Display consists of light-weight folding frames covered with magnetic-backed fabric, vinyl, and plastic panels that create curved or angled walls.

High quality pop up wall displays with concave shape: MIRA Magnetic Curved Pop-Up Displays are a portable solution to generate highly visible marketing communications at exhibitions and promotional events. The banner is printed on heavy pop up material and will be attached to the grid system by magnet clamps.

Price Includes

  • 5 graphic display panel
  • 3×3 pop up hardware
  • Portable display case on wheels
  • Promotional printed wrap for portable storage case
  • 2 x 240v 200w Halogen pop up display flood lights, with 3m lead and 13 amp socket

menu stand

Menu Stand

Features of Menu Stands

  • Image Sizes A3 (297 x 420mm)
  • Adjustable Height 850-1220mm
Price : $ 185.00
Weight : 5.00 KGS

Menu stand is  professional multipurpose display to suit advertising needs. This is an excellent means of communicating information to the general public. Also know as sign frame, this perfectly delivers your message to the customers and invite them to your business premise.

Our customized menu stand is cost effective display product. These are mostly used  in restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and many other food services and hospitality industries to  inform the costumers about special offers and timely change of menus .But for special evens these are used to display information. Menu Holders are the unique solution to make the people aware about special offers of the day or week.

You can place these high quality menu stands at outside of the retail store or in the corner of the entrance area. These are also used in the lobbies or reception area of hotels, banks, corporate functions, seminars and conferences to deliver the messages to the visitors.

Our economical sign stands are highly effective item for visual communication. These are very light weight and highly versatile. These are made of aluminum in metal finish, strong enough and durable. You can adjust the require height from 850mm to 1220mm. The base of the stand is heavy to give the stand stability and comes in round shape. A thick rubber ring around the edges of the base prevents from scratches and damages of floor.

These are available in A3 size. The graphics or posters can be changed without any tool or expert person. The stand can be adjust at different angles for different purpose. By adjusting the angle of the stand frame changes its purpose from a poster frame display, at 180 degree straight angle to a menu board, at an obtuse angle as an exhibition display for communicating information.

The Mira budget friendly menu stands can mean the difference between attracting new potential clients or informing the public walk right past.

Mira Displays at West Ryde, Sydney offers heavy discount on volume orders. We can send them to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Gold -Coast, Hobart or anywhere in Australia.


Exhibition Sets (MEXS01)

We have available our Quality Exhibition Sets to Hire or to Purchase. For any Trade Shows, Trade Fairs, and Exhibitions, we like to ensure that you have all the essential promotional units needed. We have put together our Exhibition Set with the option to Purchase or to Hire. We have taken into consideration, what is needed to effectively promote your brand, stand out, yet accommodate to your budget. By this we like to ensure that our Exhibition Set provides quality, Effective Marketing and Promotion, and Ensure Lower Overheads.

The Exhibition Sets:

  • 1x Heavy Duty Curve Frame Wall 3×3 Including 2 Spotlight
  • 1x Promotional Table
  • 2x Premium Roll Up Banners
  • 2x Brochure Holder
  • Up to 720 dpi high quality graphic included

Outdoor X-Banner

Outdoor X-Banner

Features of  Outdoor X-Banner

  • Fiber glass arms and legs
  • Artwork attaches with top rail and hooks
  • Fill base with 7ltrs water or 12kgs of sand
  • Padded carry bag
Price : $195
Weight : 3.00 KGS

Without worrying  about the windy or bad weather you  can promote your products and services with Mira Outdoor X Banner. For outdoor marketing events, Trade Fairs, Road sided advertising you can place them in open area to deliver your message to the people.

Our Budget Friendly Outdoor Display Stands are very light weight and easy to carry. It is very easy to change the graphics without any tool or expert person. Switching images is as simple as add eyelets to a new graphic/Banner and hook to the stand. It takes hardly a minute to change the graphic or assemble the Banner Stand.

You can fold and pack up these Portable Outdoor X Sign Holder in the carry bag provided with it. Which makes the portability easy and keeps your display stand safe. You can attend one or more Advertising campaigns. Our super economical heavy base X Banner has a hollow base which can be filled with 7 trs. of water or 12kgs of Sand to make the base heavy. This heavy base prevents it from knocking down in windy weather.

The arms and legs of these standing banners are made of aluminum and fiber glass. The graphics are designed and printed on PVT/PVC material.  These High Quality Outdoor X Display Stands are best source to boost your sale. You  can place them outside your retail stores, Showrooms, Cafes, Restaurant, Chemist Shops, School Sports event, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and road side marketing. For season sale or festival sale place them outside your business premise and drag the customers to boost your sale.

Our Economical Outdoor X banner Stands are best source to boost your sale or to promote your new products or services. Once you place the order Mira Displays at Sydney can courier them to Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide Canberra,  Hobart and anywhere in Australia. We can design and print your graphics to save our clients time and money.  We give discounts on volume orders.




Generate new customers and create awareness of your business with Mira Multi System Brochure Display. This is a combination of A Banner Display System, Brochure and literature holder, all in one.

Our high quality and economical literature Holders are more suitable for the promotion of your products and services. Your graphics displayed on the banner attracts the attention customers. The multi pocket give you space to display your leaflets, pamphlets and Brochures to provide information about your business.

Our best Quality and inexpensive literature display stands take little space with it sleek look. Its stands on a small footprint. leaflets and brochures are an important part of any advertising strategy. These are extremely powerful solution for high impact marketing at very low cost.

The Budget Friendly Brochure Holders are highly visible and are great way to target the customers to achieve your business goal. These are light weight and highly versatile. You can carry them for the Trade Shows, Seminars, Exhibition, Conference, Health Awareness Camps, Health Check up Camps and any marketing event.

These can be place inside the retail stores, offices, gyms, Salons, Spas, Cafes, Restaurants and various other locations. These communicate with the prospective customers and spot light your brands or products.

These provide maximum space to display your products and deliver the information about your brand. They provide endless benefits and are suitable for any advertising campaign. To grow your sale and turn leads into customers, place order to Mira Displays at Sydney and select from our vast range of portable literature display stands.

We provide the graphic media print from your uploaded images for the banner for the display part of the Mira Multi Systems Brochure Display Stands and this is all inclusive the price. You can change the graphics without any tools. To make the portability easy it includes a padded carry bag.

We can courier them to Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Cost, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and anywhere in Australia.


  • 3 faces for brochure display
  • Padded carry bag
  • Width of banner can be changed with posters 1m max

Size 600 x 1800mm


Outdoor Poster Stand Base

Outdoor Poster Stand Base

Features of display stands

  • Double sided snap frame
  • Round corners PVC film supplied
  • Fill base with 26ltrs water or 48kgs of sand
  • Wheels attached
  • 2 Posters, one on each side

Size 594 x 841 mm

Outdoor Poster Stand Base is specifically designed for the outdoor marketing campaign. These are highly effective solution for any marketing campaign, for trade shows ,sports events and outside of your shop, showroom or retail stores. These can be used in open environment without fearing of its fall down on .

For all weather conditions our high quality banner stand base is useful solution for promoting your brand, product or retails. Its base is very heavy which prevents it from blow over in windy weather conditions.

The base of budget friendly display banner stand base is made of high quality and very strong plastic .It is hollow from inside, which can be filled with water or some other such material. This makes the base heavy and prevents it from knock down. This heavy base makes it strong enough to hold your poster or banner and attracts the attention of the customers even in heavily crowded area.

The superior quality sign stand base is rigid and stable. It is mounted on heavy reinforced springs which makes the sign bend over even if knocked. This heavy base display stands provides it stability and prevents it from falling down in windy weather. You can fit poster of your product, brand or display any message on it to improve your sale and grow business.

To maximize the exposure of your brand, product or retail in trade shows, sale exhibitions or in any marketing event these are best addition to your marketing campaign.

Base of the Portable banner stand is so heavy and stable, this can be used on uneven surface. There are small castors in the base which helps you to move your poster or banner stand move around.

The heavy base banner stand base are really very heavy in, but it is easy to carry. This can be assembled in 5 minutes. When your marketing event, sports event or sale event is over, you can pack up it in the carry bag , as it includes carry bag .

These affordable outdoor display stand base are best for sale promotion. We have wide range and we can  get your poster or banner  designed by our team of professional designers and  print on our digital  printing machines.




Lightweight 3×3 Exhibition Set Up

Mira light weight 3×3 exhibition set up is great addition to your marketing event. If you are going to attend a trade fair, road side campaign, conference, seminar or any outdoor marketing right selection of exhibition booth is required to achieve your business goal. It depends on the way your booth looks as it creates a strong visual impact on the visitors. You have to assured that you are making efforts to bring customers into your trade show booth to make your marketing event successful.

Our modular exhibition set up is an attractive, spacious and economical display booth to meet your advertising goal. The power of face to face marketing is known to every business man our custom display system is stable and durable booth. The structure of the exhibition booth is made of aluminum which is very light weight but strong enough and does not get break down.

It is very easy to assemble the exhibition system. No expert person in required for assembling. The fabric printing applied to the frame of the booth allows you to display your company logo, name and products which attracts the attention of the passerby and far crowd even in overcrowded or heavy traffic areas. The fabric is attached with velcro and zip. It strongly deliver your business message to the visitors creating a powerful identity of your products and services in their minds.

Portable exhibition set up is easy to carry. You can easily fold it and pack it in the padded carry bag provided with it. The carry bags are of soft quality which contain the whole set up easily and keeps it safe and do not create strain on your employees.

Our Pop Up Modular display sets are highly versatile. You can make the booth according to your business requirements. The wooden selves in the booth provide space to display your products or you can keep your extra item there. These mostly used in trade fairs, road side marketing, conferences, seminars, educational centers, Universities and many others to grab the attention of the people.

Mira Displays at Sydney has vast range of exhibition sets. We help and guide you for the right selection to suit your marketing campaign. You can upload your artwork or we can design and print your graphics. You just call us or send an e-mail our friendly staff will back with you. We have hire service, for that you can contact us and we will deliver you the required display sets within the time frame.


Brochure Holder Rack

Features of Brochure Holder

  • Brochure Holder 6 tiers of A4 size
  • Brochure holder stand easy to transport
  • Zig-zag brochure holder rack best for visual communication
  • Standing literature display rack drag the attention of customers
  • Brochure Holders can be place inside

Price –  $ 178.00

Brochure holder rack is an excellent way to showcase your literature, leaflets, flyers, magazines, pamphlets and brochures for trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, grand opening day, free medical camps, charity camps and many other business require to deliver their business information about their products and services. Literature display stand is unique item to deliver your business message. It attracts the attention of the visitors and drag them to your business premise.

Our budget friendly custom brochure holders can be placed inside the retail store, showrooms, offices , lobbies or at the entrance of exhibition booths, restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, salons, real estates, waiting area in nursing home or doctors’ clinic and educational institutes to provide the detailed information of your business or services. Brochure Holder is also use to keep the magazines at waiting areas so that the visitors pick the magazine and keep them busy.

The passerby or far crowd get notice of your business by standing literature display rack and walk up to your business area to collect the information. They come and take the pamphlets or brochures. This creates great visual impact on customer and deliver your business details to them for which you may need a large staff.

Economical zig-zag brochure holder rack is fantastic item for visual communication and it creates a strong identity of your brand. This is very light weight. Its aluminum structure provides it stability and prevents from break down. It is sturdy, durable and strong enough to bear the weight of pamphlets and magazines. These are very easy to assembled and disassembled and no tool is require for that. It takes one minute to assemble the brochure holder.

Mira Portable brochure display stand is very easy to transport. You can attend one or more marketing events in a day. You can fold it when your advertising campaign is over and pack it in its carry bag provided with it.

Our brochure holder stand is available in 6 tiers of A4 size. It provides quality presentation of your promotional material. Mira Displays has large range of high quality brochure holder racks. We can send them to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold-coast, Brisbane, Canberra and anywhere in Australia. You can buy one or more as we have large stock and we give discounted price on volume orders.

promotional counter

Promotional Counter for best marketing

We have cheap and best promotional counter for best marketing of your product and services. Its specially design for sale promotion. We have a wide range of portable promotional counter which can be assumable  in 5 minutes and easily carry in hand. We also provide the service of Custom Printed Graphic Panels.

These printed graphics inserted in promotional counter and protect with lamination so that these are durable and long life.  These promotional counter specially design  to use for indoor and outdoor  marketing.

This promotional counter can be used for Retail stores, exhibition , trade show, shopping centers, schools, super markets. Easy to clean and best solution for all type of promotion. These promotional counters comes in different – different sizes, weight,  length ,height and prices with carry bag.